General Question

Q: How many account can I open with i1FUN?

A: You are only permitted to open one account with i1FUN, and should not hold more than one account at all times. Should more than one account be identified as owned by or relating to you, i1FUN reserves the right to treat any such accounts as a single joint account or to close such accounts.

Q: Is my Personal information secure?

A: We are committed to maintaining privacy practices to create, as far as possible, a secure gaming environment for our customers. We take due diligence in protecting our customer's information.

Q: What is Self Exclusion?

A: If you suspect that you may have a gambling problem or just wish to take an enforced break from gaming, i1FUN gives you the option to permanently exclude yourself from playing at i1FUN. If you choose to exclude yourself permanently, you will be barred from playing games at i1FUN. All you need to do is contact our Customer Services Team.

Q: Do I need to register my real name in i1FUN?

A: Yes, You are required to register using your true and legal name and identity, which must also correspond to that on the credit/debit card(s), bank account(s) or other.

Q: How can I review my password ?

A: To retrieve your forgotten password, simply click on question mark (?) located at Password field. Enter correctly your login name and registered email address. System will send you a temporay password to your registered email address. Please use this password to login your i1FUN account and change to your preferred one for security

Q: How to change my personal information?

A: For changing your personal information, such as registered full name, date of birth, phone number or email, please contact our Customer Service.

Deposit FAQs

Q: How to Deposit without internet Banking ?

A: You can Deposit via over bank counter and then cotact our customer service to send us bank slip .

Q: Can I using another Bank account to deposit to my i1FUN account

A: The processing time can be as fast as 15 minutes, as long as we have received the funds from the bank.

Q: How long is the processing time for deposit tranasction

A: The processing time can be as fast as 15 minutes, as long as we have received the funds from the bank.

Q: How to check my deposit transaction record?

A: You can check your Deposit record by Deposit page and click on deposit history.

Q: How many deposit transactions that I can submit per day?

A: There is no limit of deposit transaction per day for your submit.

Q: How many bank account can I use to deposit?

A: There is no limit bank account to use to deposit, but Bank account holder must be match with that of your registered name with i1FUN

Withdrawal FAQs

Q: What are the rule for withdrawal?

A: Your security is important to us. you may be required to provide us with a copy of personal documents such as identification documents (driving license or passport) bank card or bank statement for verification before funds are paid out to you The payee name entered for withdrawal must match your registered name in your i1fun account.

Q: Can I using another Bank account to withdraw fund from my i1FUN account?

A: No, i1FUN not allow withdrawal transaction that transfer to 3rd party bank account

Q: How to check my withdrawal transaction record?

A: You can check your withdrawal record by withdrawal page and click on withdrawal history

Q: How long is the processing time for withdrawal tranasction?

A: Verification by our Payment Services team and relevant department will require at least 15minute for maximum time, Once this is approved, you will get the funds into your submited bank account.

Q: How many withdrawal transactions that I can submit per day?

A: There is no limit of withdrawal transaction per day for your submit.

Q: How many bank account can I use for withdrawal?

A: There is no limit bank account to use to withdrawal, but you must withdraw by your last deposit bank account and Bank account holder must be match with that of your registered name with i1FUN please contact our customer service support if you want to change your withdrawal bank account.

Q: Can I cancel my withdrawl request?

A: you check you the status of your withdrawal request by going to withdrawal page/ withdrawal history,

  • -If Pending simply you can click cancel button
  • -If Processing or Approved transaction can not be cancelled

Q: What is the Rollover requiement to withdraw fund from i1FUN

A: Your entire deposited amount must be rolled over at least once before making a withdrawal. If you have received our bonus from any promotion, the bonus is subject to further rollover requirements as stated in the respective promotion terms and conditions.

Q: How to check rollover of my betting before withdrawal?

A: Please contact our Customer Service Support by using channel that we offer

Website And Mobile

Q: Can I use my mobile phone to open i1FUN website?

A: If you are using iOS or Adroid device, i1fun provides Mobile Web version which fit your device configuration and offers better experience. You will access to our mobile site directly with same URL that you open in computer.

Q: What happens if I lose connection while place a bet?

A: Should you lose connection while placing bet, you will be able to resume using the site once the signal is restored. A bet is not confirmed unless a bet receipt number has been displayed and you can check all bets from the Statement section on each of our products. Once the bet is confirmed, it will be settled following our Terms and Conditions and betting rules.

Q: How to ensure security of my personal data and account information?

  • A: 1. Be cautious with your personal data: You are responsible for keeping your online password confidential. Never let anyone know your PINs or passwords. Do not write them down, and do not use the same password for all your online accounts.
  • 2. Remember To Log Out and Lock Your Windows Desktop: Always remember to logout of your i1FUN login session when you have completed your transactions. Do not leave your computer unattended. If you need to leave your computer even for one minute, always lock your Windows desktop using Ctrl-Alt-Del method.
  • 3. Clear Your Browser's Cache: Web pages that you have viewed from the Internet can reside on a computer as 'cache' files. These 'cache' files can retain images of data sent or received over the Internet, making them a potential target for a system intruder. Therefore, we strongly advise that you clear your browser's disk cache after each Internet session.
  • 4. Avoid sharing Personal Computers (PCs): Avoid using shared PCs or public PCs such as those found in cyber cafes to play your games at V9BET sites. If there is a need to do so, always satisfy yourself thoroughly that the PCs are free from viruses and be sure to clear the browser's cache upon completion of your games.
  • 5. Update Your Browsers and PC Operating System and software: Make sure you download the latest security patches for your browser, PC operating system and other application software. If you don't have any patches installed, visit your browser's website, for example users of Internet Explorer should go to the Microsoft website.

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